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AX.5 Spoke Center Hub

Vertical Lighting, and LUX Illuminaire are proud to introduce the ultimate integration for the AX.5, Pendant Direct and Pendant Direct/Indirect, the Spoke Center Hub. The Hub seamlessly connects three intelligently designed AX.5 luminaire’s to create one magnificently polished display. LUX Illuminaire has delivered a unique design that marries dramatic aesthetics with remarkable innovation.

The new features allow the AX.5 fixture to be utilized in many different aspects in many new spaces. The wide range of custom colors LUX offers for the body finish as well as the end caps provide a large array of configurations. This will allow customers to add personalized touches to their spaces without sacrificing in efficiency and design.



  • Overview
    • Highly efficient with up to 126 lm/w
    • Standard lumen packages between 1600 to 3050 lm/4ft section
    • Unified Glare Rating (UGR) < 19
    • Available in 4ft, 6 ft & 8ft individual units or continuous row lengths
    • Spoke Center Hub option available with 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 ft arms
    • L80 calculated at 80,000 hours
    • 1% 0-10V dimming standard