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MINIMIS Minuscule Lighting

MINIMIS leads the luxury illumination market with the world’s most minuscule luminaires – feats of design and engineering that are individually hand-crafted to the highest standards of quality. Our luminaires employ only the finest, most meticulously selected of all-resistant materials, and feature custom, precision-crafted optics that are engineered – to the most demanding of tolerances – to operate error-free in our astonishingly minuscule fixture form factors. Natively waterproof, without need for gaskets or seals, our luminaires offer unparalleled elegance, luxury, and performance in all environments, from warm, enveloping interiors, to the most inhospitable of marine conditions. Such hallmarks underscore the exigencies of design vision in luxury residential, hospitality, civic/institutional, and high-end yacht building projects.

MINIMIS Minuscule Lighting fixture are small so they vanish into the the steps while lighting them up.

MINIMIS performs all of its research and development in-house – harnessing emerging technologies and new materials, coupled with a clean, modern design pedigree – ensuring that their vision and our commitment to the minuscule continue to bolster our groundbreaking strides in design, performance, and quality. MINIMIS monitors every stage of the manufacturing process, with redundant QA/QC at every phase. Through surveys and personal outreach, they maintain close involvement with clients, designers, and their dealers, internalizing their valued feedback as inspiration for future product developments and refinements.

MINIMIS Minuscule Lighting fixture is as small as a US Dime!

From the very first prototypes and production luminaires that MINIMIS develops, our guiding vision has been to create luminaires that, at once, are minuscule in size, adhere to elegant, minimalist, unobtrusive design tenets, and are powerful in light output. This principle stems from the desire of architects and lighting designers to be able to offer their clients’ projects the effect of light, without the luminaire itself being visible.

MINIMIS Minuscule Lighting fixture disappears into a backsplash.


The advent of LEDs brought hope that luminaires would shrink considerably in size. However, an LED still generates a considerable amount of heat, and if not efficiently dissipated, the heat will quickly destroy the LED, resulting in the unfortunate requirement for LEDs to be equipped with large, unwieldy heat sinks that negate the size advantages that LEDs could offer. “With this in mind,” MINIMIS founder Lorenz explains, “I set about developing an LED/optics base-module that was at once: minuscule, natively waterproof, effectively managed heat, and that emitted a remarkable amount of light.” In 2012, upon developing a successful, stable base-module that formed the basis for MINIMIS’ popular LP-series of luminaires, Lorenz designed fixture housings that required no gaskets or seals, that assisted the heat dissipation of the MINIMIS base-module, and that would be sleek and minimal, even when the light is off.