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How Does UV Light Work?

When Ultraviolet light enters a cell, it disables the cell by rendering the organism inactive or unable to reproduce.
To see more information about UVC Disinfection and how it works: Click Here


Small picture of the handheld Ultraviolet units.

The UVCH (Handheld)

Designed for difficult to reach places, the compact high-power design provides 99.99% effective log-reduction of microorganisms in 5 seconds or less when held 2 inches from any surface. Lightweight and easy to use.

Breakdown of the handheld Ultraviolet unit sold by XtraLight through Vertical Lighting + Controls.

Small picture of Ultraviolet mobile units.

The UVCM (Ultraviolet Mobile Unit)

Designed for disinfecting large communal-spaces, the MOBILE Model is capable of disinfecting 700 sq. ft. to 99.99% log reduction in only 20 minutes. Our system includes UV Glasses, Gloves, Face Shield, Warning Sign, Dosimeter Cards, and a Portable Carrying-Case.

Mobile Ultraviolet unit available by XtraLight through Vertical Lighting + Controls.

Degree of Inactivation by UVC

Degree of Inactivation by Ultraviolet wavelengths map.

Dose = I x T (mJ/cm2)

The degree of inactivation by UV wavelengths is directly related to the UV dose applied. The UV dose is the product of UV intensity (I)(expressed as energy per unit surface area) and exposure time (T).  We have included a Log Reduction chart to help you find your targeted Microorganism and see the Millejoule required for deactivation.

UV Dose Log Reduction Guide

Ultraviolet lighting is not risk free!

These units should be used by qualified professionals to avoid injury to you and others as well as prevent damage to material. UL has provided plenty of useful resources to better understand which units are suitable for certain applications as well as how they need to be used and the type of harm they can pose on humans if used incorrectly. The link to their UV section is below, please be sure to check them out before buying or using the products from XtraLight or anyone else for that matter. Be smart, be safe and keep risk of injury low. XtraLight offers some amazing architectural lighting as well, check that out here!